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CEF Site Liaisons

CEF Liaisons

With over 44,000 students across more than 45 CUSD sites, our small team of three staff members is fortunate to have site liaisons at each school. Liaisons are available to answer questions pertaining to campaigns and grant opportunities.  

Elementary School Liaisons

School Liaison
Andersen El. Beth Padilla
Auxier Jamie Williams Hannah Housmyer
Basha El. Katherine Barton Samantha Fakhouri
Bologna (2019) Stephanie Sammons
Carlson Debra Bender
Conley (2019) Kim Krell
CTA Freedom(2019) Christine Marxman
CTA Goodman Kathy Griffin
CTA Humphrey Bianca Todd
CTA Independence (2019) Kristy Ausdemore
CTA Liberty Cecilia Loera
Frye (2019) Tara Quinn & Kailey Lee
Fulton Leticia Parris
Galveston Robin Horn
Haley (2019) Pam Nephew
Hancock Krista Yubeta
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Heather Anguiano
Hull Andrew Norris
Jacobson Valerie Nikolaus
Knox Gifted Academy Lynn Weed
Navarrete Melissa Buist
Patterson (2019) Aimee Franzen
Rice Tania Hermreck
Riggs Mackenzie Quintus
Ryan (2019) Caroline Hall
Sanborn Lori Clark
San Marcos Stephanie Clark
Santan El. Kim Sanford
Shumway Leadership Academy Dana Telford
Tarwater Anne Jones
Weinberg Gifted Academy Jennifer Nusbaum

Secondary Site Liaisons

School Liaison
Andersen Jr. High Anne Smith
ACP Erie (2019) Andrea Giberson
ACP Oakland Jana Nassar Tami Kaiser
Basha High School Charina DeCaro
Bogle Jr. High (2019) Susan Amaya & Monica Kirshberg
Casteel High School Lauren Singer
Chandler Early College Shawn Mitchell
Chandler High School Ann Templeton
Chandler Learning Center Rachel Ulrich
Chandler Online Academy (2019) Janice Armstrong
Hamilton High School Brianna Gass
Hill Learning Academy Claudia Dominguez
Payne Jr. High Paul Bollard
Perry High School (2019)

Santan Jr. High Rae Moylan
Willis Jr. High Emily Phares

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